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Joshua began cello in his elementary school with Lisa Rose in Downers Grove IL.  He was preceded by his older brother at the same instrument, receiving the cello with great excitement and anticipation. His high school studies were with teachers Ingrid Krizan, a freelancing cellist in Illinois, and Richard Hirschl of the Chicago Symphony. Joshua obtained his Bachelors and Master’s degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music. 


In Chicago, Joshua established his career as a private teacher in his hometown. He amassed a studio of young students while frequenting to downtown Chicago for various projects of playing progressive styles of music with string quartet and guitar duo.  Programs like MusicNow with the Chicago Symphony and Contempo at the University of Chicago kept Joshua engaged in performing chamber music at the highest level within the modern scene.   His highlights include attending the Tangelwood Festival as a scholarship fellow, and performing Don Quixote as soloist with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, a year long project provisioned with personal tutelage by Yo Yo Ma. 


Joshua now resides in Downers Grove, Illinois and is hopeful to share his music and experience as a performer and teacher with the community. 

When I was young...

"My brother and I used to dance to the various scenes of Disney’s Fantasia and miserably fail at ear training exercises on a toy keyboard.  We were devoted and curious though, which undoubtedly serves my musicianship to this day.  A Telarc Sampler CD of Vivaldi, Offenbach, and Gliere doused my dreams with inspiration factor, and wham, the cello arrived to ambitious hands. 


My career has taken me from doing studio work for gospel artist Kirk Franklin to speaking to school students about music alongside YoYo Ma.  I hope to continue to play anything and everything to the benefit of my curiosity, the enjoyment of audiences, and for the pursuit of bringing people to feel at home."

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