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YEAR | 2019



In collaboration with the Matt Jones Orchestra

LOCATION: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA

Move fast! Matt Jones is bringing his orchestra to LA for an opera production happening in three days! ..I was lucky to live in Santa Barbara at the time.  Mr. West was respectful to his colleagues although I did not personally meet him.  We had two long days of rehearsals of which I immensely enjoyed the powerful music of the choir.  The opera covered the prophet Daniel's story of the king of Babylon, his glorious rise and downward fall.  I have not seen or heard mention of the opera since then, but it was an experience to see Kanye's vision come to life in and have a part in the production. 

YEAR | 2018

Kirk Franklin's album 

Long, Live, love


In collaboration with Matt Jones Orchestra...


Clearly I have a lot to thank Matt Jones for.  We do not always know who's music we may be tracking for, but this day was particularly special.  Most of us in the studio knew Mr. Franklin's music and force in the gospel world.  A few minutes into rehearsal, Matt goes, "Oh guys, Kirk Franklin said he'd stop by."  Kirk took time to talk to everyone and was not shy to express his joy to the music of strings he was hearing go directly to his album. I told him before this shot that we didn't have the skill to do his music in my church (hey, we're still working on Anthony Brown okay..), but I did note that the working track for 'Forever" (now with the added /Beautiful Grace) was a dope track and I couldn't wait to hear it. Album won a grammy. Go figure. Congratulations Kirk Franklin and thank you for being a cool guy!

Watch the video HERE

music now 2.jpg
music now.jpg

Music Now

Presented by the

Chicago Symphony Orchestra

LOCATION: Harris Theater, Chicago IL

Following a rehearsal of Shostakovich 5th under Cliff Colnot and the Civic Orchestra, I got an email from Cliff.  "Your playing is impressive.  Are you interested in new music?"  A few weeks later, I was in rehearsal with members of the CSO looking at a sextet by composer Sean Shepherd.  MusicNow would become my favorite experience of music making several times a year.  More and more responsibility was put on my shoulder as the years went by, although the workload would vary per program.  If you'd ask me what's the hardest thing I've ever played, it would be through this venue; Derive 2 by Boulez. The amount of focus and conviction crammed into 45 minutes is something I had never experienced to that length, and I haven't seen anything like that since (and maybe that's a good thing!).  Also, Vijay Iyer is a phenomenon if you ever come across his performances! 

Read the full article HERE

YEAR | 2016


In collaboration with YoYo Ma & Common

LOCATION: Buckingham Fountain. Chicago, IL

owe this one to my friend Amanda Bailey, AKA Lil Sharp for

rapping AND playing violin at the same time.  We met at

symphony center on this fine day to go over some rap/hip hop

covers (Overnight Celebrity just rang in my search history!!).  

The day was not only about music though.  We took a walk to a

meeting that had faces like Arne Duncan, Yo-Yo, Renee

Fleming, and some of the finest young minds I've ever seen to discuss the power of students taking back school, taking back their communities, and getting people to think about what's best for their generation: Mikva Challenge.  Common walked into the meeting, "What's Up Everyone" and the like.  I couldn't get enough of his voice! The guy could be paid just to talk!  Following the meeting, I got some great advice from the classical music legends and then Amanda and I did our performance  at the fountain.  As I stood in line to get a turn to speak with Yo-Yo and say goodbye, an assistant of Common came to speak to me. "Common wants you to play," he said.  So, you play. I was given permission to vibe, even though my knowledge of rap is shameful.  My favorite part though, is that as I was packing up my cello to leave the stage for Common, he said 'thank you' to Amanda and I for jamming on 'Light.' He then came over to give me a hug, although I did not suspect he'd be waiting.. I was actually trying to gather up my pedals and cables and bust, but he WAITED. Someone went, "Josh ..Josh!" And I looked and there Common was standing with his hand held out. I felt so dumb, but knowing that Common was that level of patient and nice was life-changing. Common, you are legit and that was an amazing day.

Watch  the video HERE

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