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"Yes, I have the right to appear before these lovers of good music.  They can watch me without shame.   I have the right because my life and my work are clean."

- Serge Koussevitzky


After living in Santa Barbara, California for the duration of 2019 into 2020, Joshua has since moved back to his home town in Downers Grove, Illinois.  He has since pursued bringing to performance his experiences in producing multi-instrumental cover songs for wedding events, a practice he began pursuing when planning his own wedding in 2016.  His classical training as a professional cellist retains the cello as the focal point of all performances, followed by support instruments such as bass guitar, guitar, and keyboards, all self-recorded and played through a high quality speaker.


Joshua performs at weddings in a three-fold fashion as a solo artist. He chooses between classical elegant music for traditional prelude settings, jazz and mo-town selections to fit a more casual ‘cocktail hour’ mood, and finally, will share a special song with elaborate instrumentation and layering as a ‘special order’ request from the bride and groom. 


The cello is a beautiful instrument that is loved by many. Consult with Joshua today to consider having live cello at your special day!


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